Letras:Swollen Members. High Road.

it may not be my idea of a perfect trip
but, thats what life is man
life is just beautiful
we need to be more appreciative what we have
its just, i take it all for granted and thats just...
y'know i do live day-by-day but every now and then you have to stop and jus look at each day
and say "wow, look what ive seen in that one day"...

(Mad Child)
It's a wonderful thought, that I could take one road
And end up in L.A. when it's time to take a load off my shoulders
Cause it gets much colder, it rains in the winter
Where I live so I entered the I-5
Just like this movie big Trip?where five drive
Across the country as they journey through new realms
The helm of an adventure as they capture it on film
A new millennium the mission is essentially
Questioning characters at the turn of the century
No rush cause they'll get there eventually
Kind of like my career and mind state mentally
One route to follow, let's keep rollin'
Desperate junkies and Silverman in New Orleans
Black Elvis, some scenes make you smile
An alligator wrestler that chills for a while
Hold up, is that a manger at the side of the road
Hallucinogenics and ecstasy caps to lighten the load
The high road, not cause of the drugs you take
Cause of the memories you keep, and the friends you make

(Mad Child & Prevail) (Chorus x4)
Bright lights, and neon streets that are beyond
My road's the high road, the one you should be on

The maiden voyage, descriptions of millennial contact
Saved on footage, ships of the street in the summer heat
When rubber meets the hot road, southern rainfall
Weather and slang that change code, highway patrol
Alcohol and Redbull
Mediums mixed with drugs natural and chemical
Immediate freak show plateau where you land individual
Standing in the audience my mouth moves the visual
The difference that will separate mind from brain
Comes only with experience living on the wide open plane
So focus on the questions and the answers and the game
Incredible, the fast lane will have life flash

Unforgettable, as long as I've got my friends it's worth the pain
I've traveled the Earth I've fallen and risen in flames
Driven to view the domain
From the perspective of the young and protected
Camera view overviews my objective overhead projective
Absorbs the milliseconds, kilometers for reference
Speedometers will mark the entrance
We talk to residents who start sentence without reserve
I realize the things I don't need all the things I don't deserve
So I try to live simply in a complicated world

(Mad Child & Prevail) (Chorus x4)

(Mad Child)
Broken down engines, cowboys and Indians

Black Jack gunfights saloons and women

(Mad Child)
Eagles vultures hawks and crows
Emergency exit at the hospital

(Mad Child)
Rattlesnakes scorpions and rodents

Ghost towns truck stops and stars explodin'

(Mad Child)
In the wide and open rules apply to no man

Die from a slow hand

(Mad Child & Prevail)
Live from the low land

(Mad Child & Prevail) (Chorus x4)