Letras:Stiletto Formal (The). This Is My Boomstick. Tastes Like Black Licorice.

The taste.
Oh the saturation of the arid ballroom
Oh, its step by step then dip into the light
Of the chandelier that implicates this moment
will become the convex lens that targets us
Come now i'll escort you to the balcony and light your cigarette
Your lipstick smears across the filter as we're trying to pretend
that each syllable you whisper is just conversation, please.
Although you came here on his arm,
I know you're leaving' here with me.

With your hand on my shoulder
We cannot break contact.
Then step into posture, then step in.
Oh tensions coming to a...

Wait, the service is now circling with glassware.
The spirits make your eyes become alive.
And the emerald tint that reflects right through the crystal
And displays a sinister look in my eyes.

With your hand on my shoulder, we cannot break contact.
Then step into posture, then step in and sink in.
I'll lean onto the railing. You wanted isolation.
I pull your waist into me. You wanted isolation.
I'll tell you to give in but you wanted isolation
Hun, this is just syntax and prowess.

(indiscernible whispers)

The marble echoes just behind our hastened footsteps.
As the wind attempts to burst inside the double doors, my dear
I think its time we bowed out.
Oh the guests are far too drunk, and we're alone.
Now that we're away, my intentions aren't noble here at all.

Female Vocalist:
"Excuse me darling, you have smeared my lipstick on your collar
and this act tastes of your affection,
and how intricately you devised
this deceitful elegance to which is my last."

Male Vocalist:
If I were etiquette then I'd be abomination.
If I was mangled as a body trampled by a croup detat.
I'll claim your silhouette and whisper words of ignorance
"You knew just what this was and now it is."
So just accept the formula.
And now you taste just like the cigarettes but with corkscrews for teeth
And I am ingesting into my lungs each breath you cannot breathe.
So come and struggle in my arms and expel all thoughts of apathy
and I will stop the flow of sustenance into your veins and arteries.
My glass is overwhelming. ??? And I am inebriated now.


Can?t survive x 3

(Thanks to Wes for these lyrics)