Letras:Stiletto Formal (The). This Is My Boomstick. Murder At The Stiletto Formal.

Well the night is young and so we dance to pierce this shameless statute
still I would love to be the suitor to kill the motion.
And when the dance is sanctioned masked derisions bore their point to
increase the blood flow of the helpless.
And we part the waters of the dying and their organs are the rapids.
The dance hall's sinking we will not lie here.

Tonight, we're the last ones, but the symphony was contrived.
So we fawn in time to negate this collapse of values until I fall tonight.
But I am the same breed,
no this is the same one that would cast down its cries before the latent gown.
But this dying youth has been birthed, sold and whored to death
with blood lingering on the hands of the crown.

And this beautiful waltz is contortion.
With your breath upon my neck, the contrails dissolve our correlated steps.
Oh, my beautiful one, this love we can never know.

The stalker longs to bathe the lovers in the blood of saints.
These dead convictions are deserted so just drown the survivors and hang the last children as sign to all who oppose the kingdom,
They will come for you as well
I hear footsteps in the courtyard
So then I'll die with you tonight

(Thanks to Katee for these lyrics)