Letras:Stiletto Formal (The). This Is My Boomstick. I Sing The Body Electric.

Come survive! On this barstool we grow less than innocent, and slur our words above the grandeur of attempts at ambiance. And speak in tones of nostalgia as we resonate the sight of our youth and recall a time when palates could still be defined. You and I are just infants although we have more on the line. I?ll follow her into a language undefined and tremulent but by design we could conjure up these elements in stride and instigate our own highway where the pavement has recently been laid. I know our sentiments are overwhelming and they are vessels to the state of infancy. But I know that you and I are more than figures that wade in patterns. Yeah come survive. As we raise our glass and sing into the night but be aware of the soundtrack moving towards a set of still frames that recite the same song just different words and more rhetoric and tact, the morbid undertones will sink into our breath? You and I are the passionate ones. You and I are the immaculate ones. You and I are the decadent ones. You and I are the last to get emasculated. You and I are the last to come get motivated. You and I are the last to get emaciated. You and I are the last to oblige