Letras:The Residents. The Old Woman.

Angel, answer my prayer
Answer my prayer tonight
Tell me if anyone cares
If I do what I might
Angel, answer my prayer
And tell me if anyone else
Knows how much I am scared
That I might murder myself

Who will take care of my plants?
Maybe Martha will take care of them
She called on Mother's Day and has a philodendron and a few ferns
They look terrible though, just like her house
She never dusts her leaves
What about Berta?
She's been married three times, how can she possibly take care of four kids?
They'll die - I just know these bugs will get them
Aphids - you have to watch for them all the time, they don't care
Sent Teddy seven fifty for his birthday last week, no thank-you note
It's all Martha's fault
She's not raising those children right
How long would it be until they noticed?
A week, two weeks, maybe months
I know why, I know why they ignore me
Martha pretends that she doesn't care anymore but I know better
And she's poisoned Berta against me too!
He was old and could barely hop around
And Mark would sure never have done it
Poor thing
Somebody had to do it
Somebody had to
Residents (The)
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