Letras:Vybz Kartel. More Up 2 Di Time. New Millennium.

Inna mi Karl Kani
Wid a bottle of tall Canei
Tough a lie?
Spliff a light spliff
So till mi high
Cork a fly
Crate of Guinness pile up inna di sky
Ooman a watch mi like a spy
Kartel nuh shy guy
Mi nah go lie
Gal dem seh
Dem want mi bona fide
Dem get high
Driving inna di 320i
Inna July
di pressure pon di pussy mi apply
And inna April baby a cry

Dis a di new millenium
A different thing a gwaan
Marshall & Kartel a go create a storm
And when yuh see us in the club
Or see us on di lawn
A just di pressure we apply
Wi a go turn it on

Cold Guinness or hot Guinness
But mi nuh business
Weed mi have wrap up
Like file paper inna Wrigley's
Souls a play
Ooman a stray
Dat a mi business
Gal a brace fi sumptin
Till it big like West Indies
Pelpa time
Gal a bruk out like diseases
She a do what she pleases
You a di vibes
Di gal a no leaches
Cah mi new releases a
No fi man weh inna di faeces

can't come lock it off
So if dance deh pon di road block it off
If a weed slap it off
if a gun back it off
Dem search & can't find
Everybody laugh
Liquor sell off
Not a bottle wid a cork
Promoter & him friend dem a laugh
How dem laugh
Tra la la la la la la la la la
How dem laugh
Tra la la la la la la la la la
Tell dem