Letras:Vybz Kartel. More Up 2 Di Time. Good Inna Clothes.

You nuh wear fraud
You original
Latest come from abroad
Through Federal Express
Yourself go hard dear material girl
Inna material world
Thank the Lord for your serial
Stacey Adams
When you modelling
Steve Maddening
First class
When yuh travelling
Dem paddling
She do peanut juggling
You Moet bubbling
You bread buttering
Fendi leave dem stuttering

You good inna your clothes
Diamond inna you nose
Continue mek di doughs
Live in a bed of rose
Dem gal deh life hard
You rolling wid di pros
And everybody knows
You a di best a nuh suppose

From she born she been suffering
If a no fi MTV
She nuh si nuh foreign
But u go foreign
You have you ten year visa link
You Gucci link
Weh iced out a freezer link
Tell a gal she's a chink
Guess suit
Wid di question sign it
Motorist crash inna pedestrian
Gucci chain caress di neck
Gucci watch
Caress di hand
And you nuh wear gal tings
Cause yuh no tief
And yuh no lesbian


Girlfien you cuter
Dan Celine Dion
When you walk people ask you
If you mix wid Indian
You nuh just pretty
You pretty from modelling began
Personality & cute face
And tight hole
You use win di man
Gal a tackle you
Like Zinadine Zidan
Wid grey boot purple blouse
Black bobbles & green ribbon
Tell a gal
Your war wickeder dan Bounty & Beenie Man
Anyhow she dis
She get di Heineken
You holding between you hand

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