Letras:Gamma Ray. Insanity And Genius. Heal Me.

[muzax: Schlachter]
[lyrix: Hansen/Schlachter]

When I wake up at the end of the day
Moon comes out sun fades away
I get myself out of my bed and cry
Is it really me now - could this be the real thing
Is there someone else to ease the pain
So easy, so easy now, has it really gone too far

It don't matter anyhow, sometimes I feel like an
Echo in the wind, that's not coming back again

I look inside my head and what I see
Are the reflections of the world
And I see genius and insanity

You're alive - you're part of the show
You came to foresee the signs on the wall

So many tried in vain - they know the truth
Learn - how to live and fight and learn -
How to fight them right and learn - how to give and take it all

You can be strong if you know who you are
The signs on the wall tell you move on before it's too late

Can you see them, do you wanna be the one who's creeping on the floor?
Could it be forever? Could it all be lies?
The chaos is a killer and he knows who will fall

Help me - I need some help
Now is there someone out there
What are you waiting for?
You're on the road to nowhere
The only way I know

Maybe I'm wrong, I haven't got a clue
Don't know where I belong - tell me what is true

Oh won't you come to heal me - heal me [repeat 4 times]

[Here comes the "undocumented piece"..they talk for a while something about well....God, afterlife, Truth - is all that real and such sort of thing]

Think - don't think - what can you see
Our life is just a fantasy of someone we will never see
Therefore I break down in laughter
Now as I change my point of view
There's nothing left to make me blue - never again - no more
Come on in my friend and join the ball
Everything is beatiful - even the band - it's magic
Imagine you're superstar you gonna fly
You gonna go far - far, so far

[Solo Dirk]

Oh won't you come to heal me - heal me [repeat 4 times]
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